Eight Treasures

In the 8 Treasures, we went out to explore Moyer park on for our first art lesson.  The grass had just been mowed, so it was short, and we sat on it in the shade on the west side, facing the forest.  A few cardinals sang, but mostly we heard crickets in the forest and airplanes overhead…and sneezes, because the ragweed was out!

For many students, their favorite treasure was the first:  sitting and watching the forest for five minutes.  Others loved drawing leaves.  In the afternoon class, we tried to stay awake in the heat as we guessed about the messages the crickets were passing to one another.

At work in sketchbook

By the end of the hour, students had filled the first pages of their sketchbooks with drawings and descriptions of the Moyer Park forest.  I’ll be back on October 6 when we’ll work on contour drawing.

Drawing and writing in sketchbook