Welcome to the 5th grade nature journal program at Clearspring Elementary School!

In our program, students use their journals for writing and illustrating poetry,  recording seasonal data on trees, flowers, weather, and animal life and, in my monthly visits,  practicing contour drawing, painting, and printing.   I’d love to hear from everyone!

I’m Sue Fierston, the teaching artist for the program and editor of this blog.  Ms. Cumberland and I have  collaborated over several years, writing grants and developing ideas to connect the Patterns of Change curriculum to the cycles of nature.  Thanks to Ms. Williams, Mrs. Bizzell, the school, the parents, and the Piedmont Foundation  for their support of this ongoing project.

For more about me, please see my website www.suzannefierston.com.  I write a weekly column about nature and art for the Sierra Club that you can check out here.



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