Cricket chirps and contour drawing

Can you estimate outdoor temperature by counting the chirps of a cricket?  We found out yesterday that we could by using this formula:

# of chirps in 30 sec. + 37 = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Here we are outside with our sketchbooks:

The formula did have limits.  First, we weren’t all counting from the same cricket, so we ended up with a range of temperatures.  The actual outdoor temperature  fell in the middle of this range.  Second, the formula only worked when the crickets wanted to chirp, which seemed to be at temps above fifty degrees.   So, at 9:30 am, they weren’t chirping, and Mrs. Cumberland’s first period class couldn’t try out the formula.

Students also learned to contour draw yesterday.  First they drew their own hands:

Then they drew something they had brought in from our walk,

a leaf:

or a flower:

When I come in again in late October, we’ll be stamping on telephone books to do leaf printing!


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